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Shockwave Therapy

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or ED  


Low intensity external shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) for erectile dysfunction (ED) is a new treatment.

The history of the science of shockwaves began during WWII. In 1971 scientists described non-direct contact disintegration of a kidney stone. Additional experiments provided further evidence of the ability of shockwaves to break up kidney stones. A prototype machine was created, and it was launched as the first commercial lithotripter in 1983. Subsequently, shockwaves were used to treat other organs including the gall bladder, bile duct, pancreas and salivary glands

During the 1990’s shockwave machines were successfully trialed for use in the treatment of orthopedic disorders, including non-union fractures, pseudo-arthroses, osteochondrosis and various tendinopathies.

In 2008, as shockwave therapy was already known to have minimal side effects, early studies in urology looking at the use of low intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) for erectile dysfunction proved promising. In 2017, a survey of sexual medicine experts attending a conference in Europe found that over 70% of practitioners would recommend Li-ESWT as a treatment for ED.

In 2017 a systematic review and meta-analysis of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave treatment show an improvement of erectile function (see below). It concludes that: “From our review, it is clear that LI-ESWT may have the potential to be the first-choice noninvasive treatment for patients with ED”

Nowadays more and more studies show that shockwave therapy for ED has positive results. Many erectile dysfunction specialists suggest the use of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT) as a first line treatment for ED.

At Dr. Olivier Clinic we use a second-generation shockwave linear device with very positive results since November 2017 (see below). A small video below explains how the treatment works. You are welcome to send inquiries or comments through email or to come and visit the clinic. No need of appointment for the first consultation with Dr. Olivier. Treatment fee is at the bottom of the page.


shockwave therapy




*** Treatment Package at 35,000 Baht net ***

 Treatment Package = 6 treatment sessions of 25 minutes (instead of 5 sessions) + two consultations with Dr. Olivier (before and after treatment) + Zinc + Thai plants for improve penile blood flow

Schedule of 6 treatment sessions:

Once a day for 1 week

Or three times a week for 2 weeks

Or two times a week for 3 weeks

This treatment can be associated with Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and Sildenafil/Vardenafil/Tadalafil tablets